About the project

Al Quds Tours started ten years ago, together with the Centre for Jerusalem Studies, in the aim to walk along the streets and steps of the Old City, visiting its holy sites, souqs, libraries, takyeh, zawiyas, schools, cafes and its people. To complement lectures and the reading lists on Jerusalem,  Al Quds alternative tours gives the opportunity to Al Quds University students to learn about the city with interaction, perhaps this gives a feeling of belonging and pride of the rich civilizations which passed along its history. The Centre later started organizing Al Quds tours every Saturday morning, inviting the International community to get to know the city's characteristics, identity and details with a Palestinian perspective. Today, the Centre is welcoming a school class of 60 pupils everyday. They come from Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jaffa and Akka to visit Jerusalem.
Kids have to be under 15 !  otherwise they will not be allowed by the Israeli checkpoints.  

The idea of the Virtual Tours is a continuity of Al Quds Tours. The principle aim to share Jerusalem with All ! All those who would like to visit the city, yet either far away or today many ....denied entry !  
The first phase of the project will show the major holy sites and the gates of the city to symbolize entry to the Old City.

ARIJ are our partners; they are offering the geopolitical aspect of the city, while the Centre is providing the video clips.  With a limited time, I feel good presenting the project, as a pilot. Please send us your comments and we would love to continue improving the website to allow you best to visit the details of the city. This is a start....and will continue until we have 200 and 9 sites to symbolize the starting year of the project.  

This project is supported by CCC in the context of Al Quds the Arab Cultural Capital.
The Centre seeks funding to continue touring the other sites, streets, souqs, cafes, mosques, churches and the people living in the city today. 

Huda al Imam
Director, Centre for Jerusalem Studies