Damascus Gate, Bab Al-Amoud
s located in the northern part of the Old
City Jerusalem Wall. It is considered to
be the main gate to Jerusalem, and is
known for its strong defensive towers,
and for its beautiful and rich architecture.

The Golden Gate, Bab Al-Dahabi
Is considered as one of the most known
closed gates and it’s located on the east-
ern side of Al Aqsa Mosque. It consists
of two large gates more...
Herod's Gate, Bab Al-Sahira
Is located on the northern wall of Jeru-
salem to the east of Damascus Gate &
is one of the seven Gates which are
still open more...


  Lion’s Gate , Bab Al-Asbat
Is the only eastern entrance to the Old
City of Jerusalem, since people can enter
it by car. It was rebuilt and restored by
the Ottoman ruler Suleiman the magnificent
Moroccan Gate , Bab Al-Magharebah
Is the smallest of the Old City Gates,
located to the southern part of the wall
of Jerusalem. The Gate was restored &
renovated in the ruling period of Sulei-
man the Magnificent more...
  Zion Gate, Bab Al-Nabi Daud
Is the western gate of the Old City, and
is a part of the southern wall of the Old
City of Jerusalem. Many names were
given to this Gate such as:  Al- Mihrab
Gate, al Fol Gate and al Zaytoun Gate.
Jaffa Gate, Bab Al- Khalil
Is the second biggest and most import-
ant door after Damascus Gate as it’s
the only main entrance to the city that
is located on the southern side of the
Jerusalem Wall more...
  The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
is located in the heart of the Old City of
Jerusalem and is one of the most import-
ant holy sites for Christians. Not only in
Jerusalem but all over the world more...
The New Gate, Bab Al-Jadeed
Is the newest gate in Jerusalem’s Old
City walls. It is part of the northern
wall of Jerusalem. This Gate is medium
sized, although cars drive into it to enter
its surrounding neighborhoods more...
  Al-Aqsa Mosque
is the first Kiblah, the second mosque
and the third most holy site for Islam
and Moslems in the world. (This is
mentioned in the Bukhari and the
Muslim Islamic hadith that the
prophet said more...