They wanna hear what they wanna hear.

Yes, you heard it right. The client’s like to hear what they like to hear.

By this, I mean that talk only about what the clients wanna hear. Like, some clients would like to hear about seeing their partners fuck their friends but some would like their partners to have sexual encounters only with strangers, while some are okay with both.

So make sure you know what they are looking for before jumping into the conversation. Take hints, find clues and if all else fails, ask them blatantly what they would like to hear about.

Years ago, when I was first starting out with this cheap phone sex job (back then I thought this was gonna be more of a hobby than a career path- Stupid me!!) I got a call from a new client. He was a very nice man. He told me he had cuckold fantasies about his fiancée and I (who was fresh in the business and eager to please) immediately jumped into a very detailed story of how he was watching his fiancée fucking strangers on a moving train.

During my enthusiastic rant I did not notice that he wasn’t doing much talking all along the call. At the end of the call I asked him if he liked what I said. He then told me that- “I didn’t wanna interrupt you while you were doing your thing, that is why I didn’t say anything at the time. But I don’t wanna see or hear about my fiancée fucking strangers. I only like to see her fuck my friends.”

I was devastated. He was a nice client and though I tried to please him as much as I could it didn’t work out. He left me a good tip (maybe coz he took pity on me for trying HARD) but I never got a call from him again.

Also I believe girls like to see their partners fucking people they know a bit but are not very close. So she might not be into her partner fucking her best friend but would be wet watching him fuck the maid or even a coworker.

So people- ‘knowledge is the key'. Take a moment to know what your client wants to hear before you start. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be adventurous and improvise, just make sure it is up to your clients taste.