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Dive into Details.

So now, once you know what your client wanna hear, craft details of it.

Most of the cuckold clients especially men who wanna hear about their partners fucking others would like to hear that the guy that is fucking his wife/partner feels that her partner (our client) is really lucky coz he get to fuck that tight pussy every day.

Talk about how sexy their wife/partner’s body is. How she is wearing short skimpy cloths when wanting to go have a fuck session and how the guys going to fuck her are looking at her with lust and thinking how lucky her partner is.

Some people, especially men like to talk about finding strangers and bringing them home to fuck their partner who would be more than happy to do so. Go into detail of how the client one by one removes his partner’s cloths and play with her boobs and pussy to get the other guy aroused and excited. Talk about how the client spreads his partner’s legs and reveals her gorgeous pussy for the other guy to fuck.