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Place Setting is important.

Place creates the mood. The more taboo places is the harder the dick and wetter the pussy gets.

Talk about how the partner is getting fucked by other people in different random places. Places like, trains, flights, movie theaters, bathrooms, kitchen, office etc. are some of the kinkiest that get the temperature soaring.

Though not a HARD and fast rule, one of the most common thing almost everyone with cuckold fantasy wanna hear is that their partner fucking other people in their own house, maybe even right in their own bed. They wanna see their partner seduce and get fucked by other people in the same bed they sleep every night.

If the client is a girl, tell her how her husband fucks the housemaid all the time. How the housemaid works in the house with her boobs out and her pussy showing when her husband is alone in the house with the housemaid. Explain to her how the husbands fucks the housemaid while she is working in the kitchen. Tell the client how her husband fucks her at night while he is actually thinking of fucking the maid. Paint a picture of how he is fucking her with the cock which with he had fucked the housemaid just couple of minutes ago and that now her pussy is filled with all the delicious juice from the maid’s cunt.

Also may be add scenarios like how her husband shares his horny colleague with his coworkers and they fuck her in all the holes possible.